Taner Öngür – Water Cycle


An instrumental psych-surf-swing trip from the “baptist” of Anatolian Rock.

2×10″ yellow-coloured vinyl.


Taner Öngür, the legendary bass player of Moğollar (the iconic group of 1970’s Anadolu Pop movement), is producing solo projects since 90’s.
“Water Cycle” is his 4th opus of his collaboration with his latest band 43,75 and Tantana Records. During lockdown days of 2020, Öngür got back to his own song books and surfed between UK and India -and of course over fly central Asia- got together this very special instrumental guitar trip. Considering he is the “baptist” of the “anatolian rock” movement of 70’s, his beyond-genres-eclectic view to the music fits perfectly to the swinging guitars, progressive touches, tribal beats, melancholic moments of “Water Cycle”… It’s also a great “introduction to Taner Öngür’s universe”.

This first pressing is manufactured 500 copies only as 300 clear (Tantana Records), 100 splatter (Plakfiller Special Edition) and 100 yellow (Lefter Records special Edition). Each version comes with its own OBI.


A1 Gallop 3:04
A2 Advice 3:17
A3 Eagle Fly 4:01
A4 Fog 4:28
B1 Mera Joota Hai Japani 3:03
B2 Cafeteria Bab 2:30
B3 Ya Mustafa 2:48
B4 Old Man On the Shore 1:57
C1 Haydarpasha Pier 3:34
C2 Water Cycle 3:29
C3 For Them 3:16
C4 Night At The Shipyard 4:38
D1 Dawn 6:14
D2 I Am The Walrus 6:52

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Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 1 cm


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